Accepted papers to be presented September 25-26

Mats Danielson and Love Ekenberg. Efficient and Sustainable Risk Management in Large Project Portfolios

Kristin Vogelsang, Sven Packmohr, Kirsten Liere-Netheler and Uwe Hoppe. Understanding the Transformation towards Industry 4.0

Boris Ulitin, Eduard Babkin and Tatiana Babkina. A projection-based approach for development of domain-specific languages

Amina Mustansar, Khurram Shahzad, Syed Irtaza Muzaffar and Kamran Malik. Utilizing Customer Feedback for Business Process Performance Analysis

Marian Carcary, Giovanni Maccani, Eileen Doherty and Gerard Conway. Exploring the Determinants of IoT Adoption: Findings from a Systematic Literature Review

Vik Pant and Eric Yu. Getting to Win-Win in Industrial Collaboration under Coopetition: A Strategic Modeling Approach

Christian Märtin, Felix Kampfer, Christian Herdin and Lionnelle Biawan Yameni. Merging Situation Analytics and Model-based User Interface Development for Building Runtime-Adaptive Business Applications

Annika Andreasson and Nicole Fallen. External Cybersecurity Incident Reporting for Resilience

Adnan Kraljic and Tarik Kraljic. Agile Software Engineering Practices and ERP: Is a sprint too fast for ERP Implementation?

Jake Tom, Eduard Sing and Raimundas Matulevičius. Conceptual Representation of the GDPR: Model and Application Directions

Birgit Großer and Ulrike Baumöl. Organizational Transformation for Virtual Team Integration – A Technological Perspective

Marina Harlamova and Marite Kirikova. Trust Handling Framework for Networks in Cyber Physical Systems of Industry 4.0

Ilia Bider and Erik Perjons. Defining Transformational Patterns for Business Model Innovation

Anna Wingkvist, Morgan Ericsson, Welf Löwe and Robin Ambrosius. Computer and Machine Learning Aided Interviews to Assess Due Diligence of Startups

Kurt Sandkuhl, Matthias Wißotzki, Alexander Smirnov and Nikolay Shilov. Digital Innovation based on Digital Signage: Method, Categories and Examples

Amin Jalali. Teaching Business Process Development through Experience-Based Learning and Agile Principle

Marite Kirikova, Ligita Businska, Andrejs Dubrovskis and Edgars Salna. Viable Systems Model in Triple-Agile Context





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